I won’t buy a cookbook without lots of color pictures!  That’s the one thing missing from the Middle-earth Recipe sites!

But how many food blogs is enough?  I already have one here called Food Network Inspirations!

I wanted to post one of the recipes I use all the time from the LOTR Scrapbook Bookloaf Middle-earth Recipes.   But it has nothing to do with some inspirational idea I had while watching food tv.

So I went all Julie and Julia and started this blog, which has as its core simply to offer a pictorial guide to the best Middle-earth themed recipes posted on the web.

Thank you to “Primula,” webmistress for Middle-earth Recipes, for permission to use the recipes in this fashion.  Turns out her Somersault Cobbler recipe was NOT stolen from my mother, (see the post)  it probably came from the self same cookbook my mother used, as we have learned that she once lived in Oregon and her family favorite fruit for the Somersault Cobbler was also blackberry.  Middle-earth just got a little smaller!

Lucinda Wiebe (aka Estë)* is the creator and keeper of this blog.  She was born in Portland, Oregon and raised on the 200 plus acre family farm in Sherwood which is bordered by the Tualatin River.   Farm life became too much for the elder brothers of her father who worked the land handed down from their parents.  In her early teens the family sold the property and moved into town – namely Tigard.   The farm was a haven that is sorely missed but well-remembered for its orchard of fruit, the fields of grain, the beef cattle, wild blackberry bushes in the back yard, and the wonderful freedom of wandering the acres free from fear, except for the occasional stubbed toe or bee sting.  Lucinda always had a thirst for adventures and has enjoyed a few of them, thankfully having no encounters with trolls, orcs or dragons.  She has traveled in Europe, lived in Los Angeles, taught preschool, studied Theology, married a Pittsburgher and seems to have settled down there for a while in her adopted home town.  She is also mom to two teenage sons, an avid photographer, edits an e-zine about Pittsburgh, and expresses her creativity through cooking, baking, writing, and crafts.
* I have always had a strong identification with Eowyn, but most women do!  So I have never formally chosen my Middle-earth alter ego.  But I recently picked up The Silmarillion as books on tape and finally found her!  Queen Estë is a queen of the Valar whose name means “rest.”  She is “the healer of hurts and of weariness”.  Estë sleeps during the day on the island in the middle of Lake Lorellino.  Since food is a major source of comfort and healing, I imagine this is a good fit.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to live in a garden and sleep during the day on an island!!!