It’s the time of the season for…

Dwarven Women’s Pumpkin Cake!

We are certain that the hardy Dwarven men finished off one of these delectable mini-bundts in one bite – no forks required! 

I tend to think of Dwarven women as clones of “Master Dwarf” Gimli.  The Dwarf himself hinted at the similarities!  But since we have met no Dwarven women, what can we know about them? 

Well, if we consider the Dwarves’ artistry as creators of the ancient city Dwarrowdelf, then it may stand to reason the women were also artisans when it came to cave-keeping.   One imagines great feasts would await  the workers at the end of a day digging for Mithril.  Gimli was expecting to celebrate with his cousin Balin with “red meat off the bone and malt beer!”

Certainly the Dwarven race was used to hearty fare, or how else to maintain those stout physiques?  Not that the women were confined to the kitchens of Moria!  Many surely took up a chisel and hammer along-side the men!   

In honor of the creativity of the Dwarves I used a mini-bundt cake form with the result being a cake with an arch pattern and a hole in the middle for that important cave effect. 

I further changed up the recipe by drenching the cakes in a ginger chai pear sauce with a dusting of powdered sugar.   This recipe made six mini-bundts and one tort size cake which I topped with sliced fresh pears, then covered in the pear sauce made into a gel to hold it all together.  That picture will soon appear on my other blog where you will also find the sauce recipe.