Second Breakfast is served!  

Follow the link to the recipe for Breakfast Scones for Mr. Frodo!  This recipe lends itself to any number of variations.  I used plain greek yogurt instead of strawberry but only had a 6 oz container, so I added home-made ricotta cheese to make up the other 2 ounces.   The triangle-shaped version uses dried figs, and the square has only fresh ground cardamom seeds.   After feasting on these for a day or so I encountered an orange scone at Panera Bread and decided to do a comparison test.  This recipe was equal to the bakery’s in flakiness and flavor!  (Note:  After trying this recipe several times I have found it to be a bit heavier product than most bakery scones.   You might try adding one egg, or switching from yogurt to 3/4 cup of cream to improve the flakiness.)

I presume that either Sam or Rosie prepared these for their dear friend and host Frodo, or perhaps they began to affectionately refer to their son, his namesake, as Mr. Frodo!  Either way, the sweet smell of these scones baking would be the best way to call the family to table for first or second breakfast!

This was my first time using cardamom.  Wow!  SO flavorful.  Definitely citrusy.  A bit tedious to remove tiny black seeds from the papery pod without leaving “chaff” behind, but the ground variety do not have nearly as much flavor.  This spice is expensive but a little goes a long way!  My secret? Penn Mac in Pittsburgh’s Strip District has 2 oz samplers for only 99 cents!